Welcome to ENG 318 Activists Writing Media

So, it’s 2017 and it’s time for Activists Writing Media once again! Welcome! In addition to course materials and resources that you see in the sidebars, this will also be a collaborative writing space that we will be using this semester. For the uninitiated, this collaborative blog is designed in WordPress – a platform that you will be using to design your own blogs. You will also be a contributor to this blog. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re going to talk about all of this in class today.

Just a couple of things to point out. To the left you’ll see links to course materials (syllabus, course calendar, etc.); required books for the class; resources; and, links to some citizen/activist media sites. To the right, you’ll see links to our Facebook page and the Twitter feed that will display tweets using the hashtag for our class #ActWrtMedia17. Once you have your own blog up and running, it will also appear in that sidebar.

I look forward to a great semester! Here we go!


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